:: Spotlight: Lorna Schwimmer

Posted: March 26, 2012

Future Accountant Goes Back to School

Accounting isn’t just a profession for Lorna Schwimmer, it’s a calling. During her undergraduate career at The University of Texas at Austin, Lorna so enjoyed Professor David Verduzco’s Foundations of Accounting course that she seriously considered changing her major to Accounting. Staying the course for a timely graduation, Lorna graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Nutrition but then immediately began working at the Texas State Board of Public Accountancy, the organization that licenses Texas Certified Public Accountants (CPAs). There, Lorna explains, “I learned more about the profession and realized that this was what I was meant to do.”

Less than a year after graduating, Lorna was back in school, preparing to become a CPA. Lorna is working her way through the requirements to take the CPA licensing exam. With the help of an evening business course from University Extension (UEX), she is closer to her goal.

The educational requirements issued by the Texas State Board of Accountancy, the board that licenses Texas CPAs, require completion of a bachelor’s degree and 150 hours of college credit, which must include a specific number of accounting and other business courses.

Lorna already had the bachelor’s degree, but she needed to go back to school for accounting and business courses. She took FIN 320F - Foundations of Finance with UEX. Lorna says, “I took an evening course that met once a week. This allowed me to work full-time while taking classes.” She appreciated the quality of Professor Verduzco’s course, explaining “It focused on important, useful concepts, utilized mini in-class assignments that made me really think about the material, but did not involve a lot of busy work. I preferred it to most of the ACC classes I’ve taken, which usually either involved a lot of homework and a lot of repetition or didn’t teach as much.”

What advice does Lorna give to someone considering going back to school? She remarks, “I know some people who haven’t been to school for awhile are worried about getting back into school mode. This class (and I’m sure other UEX classes as well) would be a great way to at least get started. I would recommend that they stop worrying, stop putting it off and just give it a shot.”

UEX offers several business and economics courses that can be used to meet the requirements to qualify to sit for the CPA exam.

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