:: A Model Student

Posted: April 25, 2011

A Model Student

Maren Stavinoha has an amazing job. As a full-time fashion model, she flies all over the world to work. Since her work schedule keeps her on the move, Maren decided that online courses would be the best option for her to start building college credit.

Below Maren discusses how self-paced online courses from University Extension (UEX) provide the flexibility and variety she needs.

How did you learn about University Extension (UEX)?

My dad (who went to UT Austin) told me about it when I was looking into online courses. I was excited about the option of taking some courses at my own pace to gain college credit.

How did taking courses at UEX help you to reach your academic goals?

I am not currently enrolled in a university. I work as a model full-time, which requires me to travel around the world quite frequently. I am still not sure what I want to major in, but I figured this would be a good way to start getting some core credits out of the way in the meantime.

What type of courses did you take and how did they work for you?

I took online courses. This was beneficial to me because I live in New York City and frequently have to travel overseas. As long as I have my laptop and textbooks, the classes are easy for me to do on the go.

What were the classes like? Were they what you expected?

The classes were definitely a lot of work, and you need to be disciplined to complete the work in a timely manner. They were what I expected, and I greatly enjoyed them. I feel that I learned a lot through my courses, and this knowledge I will take with me and use in the future.

Of the classes that you’ve taken, what were your favorites, and what did you especially like about them?

The classes I enjoyed most were probably English Civilization up to 1603 (HIS 304K)and Intro to Psychology (PSY 301). The English civilization class really got me interested in the country’s history, and I’ve continued to read more about it since. Henry VIII and the Tudor era really fascinate me.

Psychology was another class I enjoyed. I’ve always been good at science-based courses, and this was a new aspect of that, one I didn’t get the opportunity to take in high school. I enjoyed learning how the brain functions.

What would you say are biggest benefits of taking courses with UEX?

I love the fact that while I am not currently able to be enrolled full-time in a university, UEX allows me to complete courses online and earn college credit that I can transfer elsewhere in the future.

Any particular challenges?

You definitely need to have strong self discipline to complete these self-paced courses. Luckily, once I started the courses, I really enjoyed devoting lots of time to them.

Any advice to someone considering taking a course with UEX?

Do it! They are great courses, and you will learn a lot! But, make sure you spend enough time reading and studying on your own!

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