:: College Courses for Military Personnel & Veterans

Use your education benefits to earn college credit from The University of Texas at Austin.

University Extension (UEX) offers open enrollment to a wide variety of courses from the university’s course inventory.

Self-paced Online Courses

UEX offers around 40 Self-paced Online Courses, which can be started anytime, and taken from anywhere.

Semester Online Cohort Courses

Semester Online Cohort Courses are offered each spring, summer and fall. In online cohort courses, students interact online with the course instructor and fellow classmates, complete coursework online and take exams in an approved testing center.

UEX’s selection of semester classroom courses are found on the same list. These courses meet on the main UT Austin campus after 5 p.m. each semester.

Need advising? Academic advising is available year round for anyone interested in taking advantage of UEX course options.

Please note:

  1. If you will be abroad, you may want to obtain your textbook(s) prior to submitting your registration.

  2. All exams have to be taken at an approved testing site with a proctor, usually the Education Officer (EO) where you are stationed. Contact our Testing Assistant, at uextesting@austin.utexas.edu, for assistance in locating a site in your area.