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Course Logistics

How long do I have to complete a UEX online course?

You have five months to complete coursework (including taking all midterm exams and having them graded), and then have 30 days in which to take your final exam. You must always request your final exam before your course expiration date. See online policies for more information on course completion and extension options.

How many assignments can I submit at a time?

You can submit up to three instructor-graded assignments at a time. Once your instructor grades an assignment (no later than three business days), you can submit another one.

How do I take exams in a UEX online course?

You will request all exams through the appropriate link on your course home page. You must have your exam request approved before you can take your exam, and you must take your exams at an approved testing location. On your exam request, you will indicate if you are taking the test at UT’s K-16 Education Testing Center or if you require the exam to be mailed to an alternate, approved testing site.

What if I run out of time?

If you find that you need more time, extension options are available. Please refer to extension information under online course policies.