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Enrolling in Online College Credit Courses

Do I have to be in Austin or Texas to take an online course from University Extension?

No. University Extension online courses can be taken from anywhere in the world where you have access to the Internet

I am not a UT student. May I take an online course from University Extension?

Yes! Anyone qualified to earn college credit may enroll in University Extension online classes.

If you wish to use your course credits toward graduation or to transfer credits to your degree program at your home institution, be sure to check with your academic advisor to learn about any deadlines your college or home institution might impose, and then plan accordingly.

How do I register for a UEX online course?

Browse the self-paced online course listing.

Each course has a course description page which includes the textbooks, number of assignments, and number of exams. We strongly recommend that you acquire the textbooks before registering.

Or, if you’re looking for a semester online cohort course, check to see if registration is open. Online cohort courses are listed with our semester evening courses and are designated as “online” under the day/time meeting column.

Browse the semester course listing.

Once you are ready to register, simply add any course or courses from either course listing to your shopping cart and check out. You can pay online with MasterCard or Visa, or tell us you are sending a check. If you do not already have a UT electronic ID (UT EID), you will acquire one through the checkout process. Once your registration has been processed and you have received an email confirmation that you are enrolled, you will use your UT EID to log in to your course.