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Course Completion

The statutory time allowed for coursework completion is five months from the date of enrollment. Completing coursework means that you have submitted all assignments, taken the midterm exam(s) and have had them graded. You must request your final exam before your course expiration date or you will be dropped from the course, and you will not have the option to get back into the course once it has expired.

If you realize during your initial five month enrollment that you will need more time to complete a course, you can purchase an extension.

A one-time only four month course extension without any restrictions is available for $200. A one-time only one month extension is available for $75. In order to qualify for a one month extension, your midterm exam must have been graded and you must have met the threshold of submitted assignments determined for your course (viewable from “Course Home” in your online course). Our online purchasing system will audit your record to see if you qualify for this option. To remain active in your course, you must request the extension before the expiration of your original five month enrollment period.

To meet graduation and other deadlines, keep the following in mind:

  • You will be eligible to request your final exam after all midterms have been graded and you have submitted 100% of your assignments. You must request your final exam before your course expiration date. Once your request is approved you will have 30 days to take your exam.
  • Grades will be posted to your course site approximately two weeks after you have taken the exam. Grades may take an additional week or more to be officially recorded by UT and/or other institutions.
  • Deadlines for graduation, scholastic status updates, scholarships, admissions, etc., vary considerably even within a single institution. University Extension strongly recommends that you consult your advisor or other administrative contact for deadlines for your particular situation.