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Exam Requests

Before you request any exams, make sure we have your correct mailing and email address on file. You can check and update your contact information through UT Direct. Once you’ve done that, request your exam via the appropriate link (Midterm or Final) on your course home page.

If you can’t take your exam at a pre-approved testing site, you must get formal approval of a proctor and site from University Extension using the Testing Site and Proctor Agreement Form. (Learn more about Testing Sites and Proctoring.) The Testing Site and Proctor Agreement Form is accessible through the online exam request process and is also available on our Forms page. Approving alternate sites can take days or even weeks, so please allow time to secure approval for your testing site before you plan to take an exam.

Austin-area students often find it convenient to take their exams at the K-16 Education Testing Center, a pre-approved testing site located at 2901 N. IH-35, Suite 1.400. The K-16 Education Testing Center charges a $50 proctoring fee for each course exam taken. See our calendar for some K-16 Education Testing Center information.

Students unable to make arrangements with the K-16 Education Testing Center might consider these additional testing sites. Proctoring fees vary; students should check directly with the testing site for information about their fees.

Midterm Exam

Keep in mind that your midterm exam must be graded before you can request your final exam. To maximize your opportunity for instructor feedback and to pace your learning effectively, you should request your midterm exam according to the planning guidelines in your course outline.

When you request an exam online, you will receive an email confirmation that includes your exam expiration date and a notification of what materials you are permitted to bring to your exam. If you are taking your exam at the K-16 Education Testing Center, it will be ready within one or two business days; processing may take a little longer at alternate sites.

If you haven’t received a confirmation email within two business days of submitting your exam request, please contact UEX at (512) 471-4057. If you’re taking your exam outside Austin, we also recommend that you contact your testing site before you go take your exam to ensure it has arrived in good order.

Final Exam

To be eligible to request your final exam, you must have submitted all assignments and received a grade on your midterm exam. You must request your final exam before your course end date.

The process to request your final exam is the same as for the midterm exam. If your testing site is not pre-approved, you need to request formal approval of your testing site via a Proctor Agreement Form.

You will have 30 days to take your final exam after you have successfully requested it. You should plan to take your exam at least three weeks before you need the course grade on your transcript.

Final Exam Request Declined

If you haven’t submitted all assignments and received a grade on your midterm exam, your request to take the final exam will be declined.

If you believe that you have taken all necessary steps to make yourself eligible to take the exam and your request is still declined, please contact UEX at (512) 471-4057 or uextesting@austin.utexas.edu.