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If you realize during your initial five month enrollment that you will need more time to complete a course, you can purchase a one-time only four month course extension for $200 for any reason and without restriction, up until the day your course expires.

If you’ve progressed far enough to complete your coursework within 30 calendar days, as determined by our course-by-course curriculum review, you may purchase a one-time only one month extension for $75. In order to qualify for a one month extension, your midterm exam must have been graded and you must have met the threshold of submitted assignments determined for your course (viewable from “Course Home” in your online course). Our online purchasing system will audit your record to see if you qualify for this option.

To remain active in your course, you must request the extension before your course expires. Extensions cannot be purchased once your course has expired.

If you have additional questions contact University Extension for more information.