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Self-paced Online Course Appeals

Appeals must be submitted in a timely manner and with appropriate documentation. Appeals to reconsider a final course grade may be submitted up to one long semester (fall or spring) after you complete the course. All other appeals must be made as soon as is practical, and always before the course has been completed or has expired.

If you believe your instructor has made an error on an assignment or exam grade, you should first discuss any grade disputes with your course instructor. If you and your instructor cannot work out the dispute, you have the right to file an appeal with University Extension.

If you wish to appeal an exam grade, you may review your graded exam at the testing center that administered and proctored your exam in a proctored setting. You may take notes necessary to craft your appeal, but you may not make copies or take any parts of the exam out of the proctored setting.

If you wish to appeal for an exception to a particular administrative policy, you should appeal directly to University Extension.

  • All appeals must be in writing. We cannot accept appeals via phone or in person.
  • All appeals must include
    • Your name and University of Texas EID
    • Course title and number
    • Instructor name
    • A clear, detailed description of your appeal
    • An explicit statement of request
    • Supporting documentation (Note: if your appeals concerns a medical or mental health situation, please do not include diagnostic or specific information about your condition, as part of your documentation.)

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