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Reexamination Petition

If you fail the final exam but have at least a 70% average on all other coursework, you may petition University Extension to take a reexamination.

Reexamination Policies

  • If University Extension grants the petition, reexamination must take place within two weeks.
  • The student must earn a grade of 70% or above on the reexamination in order to pass the course.
  • If the grade earned on the reexamination is less than 70%, the final course grade of F will remain.

The Process

  • Submit your reexamination petition and a $30 fee to our office within two weeks of failing your final exam and course. You can access the reexamination petition on our Forms page.
  • Your reexamination petition must include test location information and a proctor signature, attesting that the testing site agrees to follow UEX’s test administration policies as outlined on the Proctor Guidelines included with the reexamination petition form. You do not need to secure a proctor signature if you will take your reexamination at the K-16 Education Testing Center, as it is a pre-approved site.
  • If your reexamination petition is approved, the $30 fee will be processed and is non-refundable.
  • Do not report to your testing site until you have been notified that your reexamination is available.