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Reviewing Graded Exams

UEX students are permitted to review their graded exams once per exam to study for future exams and to prepare a grade appeal. (See Course Appeals for more details about the appeal process.) See below for rules and procedures.

Exam Review Rules

  • You may review your exam only at a proctored setting.
  • The review will be proctored under the same conditions under which you took the exam in terms of time allowed and materials permitted.
  • You may only review your exam once.
  • You are not permitted to write on the exam.
  • You are not permitted to take notes about the exam out of the testing environment with you unless you are submitting a grade appeal.
  • If you are preparing a grade appeal, you may take notes and write your appeal to your instructor only on testing center supplied paper.
    • The notes and appeal letter will be collected by the proctor and returned to University Extension with the exam.
    • The appeal letter will be sent to your instructor for consideration.
  • You must review your exam within 30 days of receiving approval. After 30 days, your exam will be returned to our archive, and you will need to file your review request again.
  • The overall time you have to review your exam must be within one long semester after your exam date.


  • If you wish to review your exam at a proctored test site other than the UT K-16 Education Testing Center, you should review the exam at the proctored testing site where you originally sat for the exam.
  • If you wish to review the exam at a site different than where you sat for the exam, you must complete a Proctor Request form and file it with the UEX Testing Assistant. Once UEX approves the proctor, you exam will be sent to that approved site.
  • Be aware that a proctored site may charge a proctor fee to allow you to review your exam. Check with your proctored testing site for details.

Requesting an Exam Review

Send email to uextesting@austin.utexas.edu to request an exam review. In your request, please include

  • Your name
  • Your EID
  • Course name and number (i.e., E316K: Masterworks of American Literature)
  • Exam to be reviewed (i.e. midterm, final, etc.)
  • Review location (i.e., UT K-16 Education Testing Center at 2901 N. IH-35, Rm. 1.400, original proctor site, etc.)
  • Review reason (i.e., study for future exam or prepared grade appeal)

After your request has been processed and the proctor approved, if applicable, UEX will notify you where and when your exam is available for review.