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Scholastic Dishonesty

As a University Extension student, you are expected to work independently, without direct supervision, and to conduct yourself responsibly in accordance with that freedom. To obtain the greatest benefit from your course work, and for the sake of everyone enrolled in our courses, you must demonstrate the willingness to exercise self-discipline, personal responsibility, and scholastic integrity. We expect the course work and exams that you submit for course credit to be yours and yours alone. Plagiarism and other forms of scholastic dishonesty are serious academic violations that will not be tolerated.

The penalties for scholastic dishonesty on graded assignments include the possibility of failure in the course. Scholastic dishonesty in examinations will result in a grade of “F” on the examination and an “F” in the course.

For more information on the broad scope of scholastic dishonesty, including consequences of dishonesty and suggestions on how to avoid engaging in this misconduct, please see the Student Judicial Services website.