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Testing Sites and Proctoring

Students are responsible for making their own arrangements for taking course exams and paying proctoring fees. (Learn more about the exam request process.) All exams must be taken in a supervised environment with an approved proctor in an approved location. We approve testing centers hosted by an accredited university or community college.*

Students in the Austin area often find it convenient to take their exams at the K-16 Education Testing Center, a pre-approved testing site located at 2901 N. IH-35, Suite 1.400. The K-16 Education Testing Center charges a $50 proctoring fee for each course exam taken.

Students unable to make arrangements with the K-16 Education Testing Center might consider these additional testing sites.

If there is no pre-approved testing center in your area, University Extension may approve alternate sites with approved proctors via a Proctor Agreement Form.

Your exam will be held at the testing site for a maximum of 30 days. (It will be fewer if you request your midterm exam with fewer than 30 days left in your course.) If your exam expires, or if you wish to change testing sites and you still have time remaining in your course, we may be able to reprocess your exam for an additional fee. Your exam will not be reprocessed for any reason once your course has expired.

*Do not be discouraged if you are residing outside of the U.S. and cannot find a “testing center.” Outside of the U.S., college and university offices that provide testing center services frequently refer to these services as “exam proctoring” or “exam invigilating.” You may also find offices that provide these services listed within a “student assessment center.”