:: Explore History with a Self-paced Online Course

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Posted: February 18, 2013

Explore History with a Self-paced Online Course

University Extension (UEX) offers open enrollment to several self-paced online history courses from The University of Texas at Austin course inventory.

Fascinated by the rise of the English Empire? Interested in learning more about the roles that women played in U.S. history?

With courses covering a range of eras and topics, UEX’s self-paced online history courses are perfect for college students who need to fulfill some core curriculum requirements or history buffs who want to explore a historical period or theme.

Self-paced Online History Course Options

The academic advisors in the Department of History in the university’s College of Liberal Arts recommend UEX courses to their students for a variety of reasons.
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As with all of UEX’s self-paced online courses, these courses allow up to five months to complete your coursework, with the option to purchase a course extension, if you need more time.

UEX courses will appear on a UT Austin transcript and are transferable. Admission to the university is not required.

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