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Don’t Take Our Word For It . . . Take Theirs!

University Extension (UEX) courses help students meet their academic goals by offering a wide variety of classes in flexible course formats.

But don’t take our word for it. The best advice comes from those with first-hand knowledge. Listen to what our former students have to say about their experience with our semester and self-paced online courses.

Photo of Carrie Smith
“The class size was really small - less than 10 students. Coming from a big university like the University of Florida, I really appreciated the rare opportunity to get to know the professor and ask questions during class.”

- Carrie Smith

Carrie took a genetics course on campus in the evenings to fulfill a prerequisite course requirement for Texas medical schools.
“As a Peace Corps volunteer, I don’t know when I’m going to have electricity, much less internet, so the ability to complete my lessons at my own pace was a deciding factor for me in taking courses with UEX.”

- Adam Fivenson

Adam took self-paced online courses to prepare for graduate school, while working in the Dominican Republic.
Photo of Adam Fivenson
Photo of Janeka Rector
“I was able to take my last four hour credits, at my own pace, and finish the course just in time for the Summer Graduation deadline.”

- Janeka Rector

Janeka utilized a self-paced online course from UEX to finish a second bachelor’s degree on a tight schedule.
“The classes really exceeded all my expectations. I was impressed by the level of dedication that my professors showed, always willing to meet outside of class and office hours.”

- Kaushlesh Biyani

Kaushlesh took several business courses with UEX before launching his own business.
Photo of Kaushlesh Biyani

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