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Posted: June 11, 2012

Some UEX Instructors Offer Summer Reading Picks

The weather is heating up, so it’s the perfect time to find a shady spot to relax with a good book. Some University Extension (UEX) instructors offer their recommendations for summer reading that will both educate and fascinate.

Dead Men Do Tell Tales

“Dead Men Do Tell Tales” by William R. Maples & Michael Browning
“This is one of the first forensic anthropologist case books written for the public. The book offers a fascinating look ‘behind the scenes’ for those who think they might be interested in a career in forensic anthropology, and unlike some of the modern television shows this book is realistic down to the last punctuation mark!”

Recommended by: Dr. Lauri Martin — Dr. Martin teaches ANT 324L - Forensic Anthropology.

Blue Line

“This book is an anecdote-filled glimpse into the life and work of Ethology’s founding father, the Austrian scientist Konrad Lorenz. If you like animals and are interested in their behavior, this is an excellent introduction to the subject. Although it was written over 50 years ago, the material is still mostly fresh and Lorenz imparts an enthusiasm for his animals and their behavior which is timeless.”

Recommended by: Dr. Blinda McClelland — Dr. McClelland teaches BIO 311C - Introductory Biology I.
King Solomon's Ring

“King Solomon’s Ring” by Konrad Lorenz

Blue Line

An Epic Life

“An Epic Life” by Joe Nick Patoski
“In a pitch-perfect pairing of biographer and subject, the consummate Texas music writer Joe Nick Patoski tells the story of Willie Nelson’s epic life and, in the process, manages to paint a portrait of twentieth-century Texas itself. With wit and care, Patoski renders the mythic narrative with which we tend to be familiar—Nelson’s bringing together the hippies and the rednecks in 1970s Austin—but the real gems here are the stories of Willie’s early years, of his hardscrabble forebears in Arkansas, of Willie the door-to-door encyclopedia salesman, of Willie the itinerant disc jockey and struggling singer-songwriter building his fan base one honky-tonk at a time across the Lone Star State. An instant classic.”

Recommended by: Dr. Jason Mellard — Dr. Mellard teaches AMS 321 - Cosmic Cowboys, Armadillos, and Outlaws: Austin Music History.

Blue Line

“Guy Kawasaki offers practical advice for anyone looking to start a new venture. The book is easy to read and Kawasaki’s style is direct and to the point with a good bit of humor mixed in. Whether it be from lessons learned during his experience as an entrepreneur and investor, or advice on what not to do as a budding entrepreneur, or specifics on how to put together a meaningful and effective pitch presentation, readers will gain valuable insights that can be put to use immediately when starting a new venture.”

Recommended by: Eli Mercer — Mercer teaches BA 320F - Foundations of Entrepreneurship.
The Art of the Start

“The Art of the Start” by Guy Kawasaki

Blue Line

Power of Habit

“The Power of Habit” by Charles Duhigg
“The Power of Habit explains habit formation…why we do the things we do, how routines are deep seated behaviors and how change can occur. The book touches on business, academic, and social habits with examples that are entertaining and interesting. We engage in a lot of activities that are primarily routine driven. The book discusses how our brains essentially can ‘turn off’ or go on auto pilot in familiar circumstances. During periods of change, habits change and companies are becoming increasingly savvy towards these shifts to capture our attention, shopping and dollars. If we better understand habits and choices, we can become better students, academics, business professionals and consumers.”

Recommended by: Dr. Shannon Bow O’Brien — Dr. O’Brien teaches GOV 312L - Issues and Policies in American Government: The American Presidency.

Blue Line

“Even though this book is several years old, it is a great illustration of the truly global world we live in today. If you read only one book this summer, let this be the one!”

Recommended by: Dennis Passovoy — Passovoy teaches MAN 320F - Foundations of Management.
The World is Flat

“The World is Flat” by Thomas L. Friedman

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