:: UEX Instructor Honored by Board of Regents

Posted: June 22, 2011

UEX Instructor Honored by Board of Regents

Dr. Wendy Domjan teaches psychology for both University Extension (UEX) and The University of Texas at Austin. Recently, Dr. Domjan was honored with a 2011 Regents’ Outstanding Teaching Award by the UT Board of Regents. These awards are granted to outstanding undergraduate faculty who serve students in an exemplary manner.

Dr. Domjan teaches PSY 301 - Introduction to Psychology as an independent study online course for UEX.

In the interview below, Dr. Domjan discusses her experiences teaching for UEX.

Why do you think this course is valuable?

Psychology touches upon almost every aspect of being human. Every day, we try to understand why we think and act as we do and, perhaps even more saliently, why other people think and act as they do. The study of psychology leads to an understanding of people that provides deeper and richer answers to those kinds of questions.

What do you like most about your UEX students?

UEX students are very diverse. A UEX class will typically have students of a wider range of ages and experiences than a typical UT class. This makes for unusually interesting discussions, and often raises somewhat novel questions.

What do you think particularly sticks with your students after taking your course?

I think students come away from the course with the insight that they can control more aspects of their lives and their relationships with other people than they might have expected. In addition, they have some very useful tools, both theoretical and practical, for making change sin their lives.

Is there any particular information about your teaching experiences, course(s) or area of expertise that you would like to share with readers?

I believe that education is less about acquiring information than it is about thinking about the material you are studying. As a result, I try to teach very interactive classes that focus on students exploring their own ideas more than on memorization or repetition of other peoples’ ideas.

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