Wireless Web Access

Public Policy

Highspeed wireless access at TCC is available through UT's Public Network. Access to UT's Public Network is limited to participants of events held at TCC and to members of The University of Texas at Austin community. In accordance with University Information Technology Services (ITS) policy, all public ports are subject to an authentication system.

Wireless access is available to qualified individuals through a Guest ID. Event planners may obtain Guest IDs through their conference coordinator. Event attendees may obtain Guest IDs at the lobby receptionist's desk. Identification is required and there may be an administrative program services fee of $5.00.

Instructions for connecting to UT's wireless Public Network are available at http://www.utexas.edu/its/network/public/start.html. UT has just upgraded it's wireless network authentication system, so please allow approximately 15 - 20 minutes to configure your computer.

Please read and follow all UT policies, instructions, and security procedures. For the safety of all of the participants at TCC, we also require that you follow these security policies:

  • A current version of a virus program must be installed and configured with current definition files.
  • All current operating system and software application security updates must be installed and active.
  • Use strong administrative passwords. A blank administrator password and automatic login is not permitted.
  • Rename the administrator account and make sure that the guest account has been disabled.
Computers not meeting the security standards listed above are subject to removal from the network. If you have any difficulties in connecting your equipment to the network, technical assistance can be provided for a nominal fee.