Child Development Center

Tuition & Fees

Monthly Tuition Rates effective September 1, 2014

Tuition rates are set yearly to accommodate varying levels of household income, and are reflected in the following charts.

Monthly Tuition Rates
  Student A B C
Infants $755* Inquire* $940 $1045
Toddlers $655* Inquire* $795 $945
Twos $655* Inquire* $735 $845
Pre-K $655* Inquire* $710 $795

Use the household income categories and corresponding tuition levels below to figure out what rate applies to your family.

Income Categories
$0-$59,999 $60,000-$109,999 $110,000+

*We have limited availability of Student and Level A spaces. Student and Level A spaces are available for children in families where all adults in the household work or go to school or are unable to care for a child and whose income falls below $55.000. Level B and C will be based solely on household income.

If your child is currently enrolled in our program and you are interested in applying for one of these spaces, please complete the reduced fee application in your enrollment packet. Extra copies are available at the front desk of each center.