Child Development Center


  1. Introduction
  2. Program Philosophy
  3. Early Childhood Program
  4. Guidance Methods
  5. Parent Involvement
  6. Nutrition
  7. Health & Safety
  8. Tuition & Fees
  9. Hours of Operation
  10. Program Policies
  11. Complaint Procedures


Breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack are served daily to children. A light late afternoon snack is also served for children who are here until late in the day. The center will provide baby food, rice cereal and formula for children under one year as appropriate or parents may bring infant food. Parents may bring in breast milk for their children. A place is available onsite for nursing mothers and cold storage is available for breast milk.

Menus for children are carefully planned in accordance with nutritional value and appeal to children. The center participates in the Child and Adult Care Food Program, and follows their guidelines for food service. These guidelines are posted on the USDA Web site for parents to read. Milk products are served twice daily.

Please inform program staff of any food allergies; bring a doctor’s statement to document the allergy. Parents are responsible for bringing a substitute for the food item. The center will provide soy or rice milk substitutes. Parents may provide substitutes for religious reasons or vegetarian diet. Do not send food for your child to the center unless it is a special occasion such as a picnic or party. All of the children eat better when they are served the same meals and snacks.

Low-sugar snacks and treats are encouraged for holiday/birthday parties. Please do not send candy to the center.