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Human Resources

Human resources (HR), finance, and administration form the backbone of the organization. They manage functions like recruitment, benefits, and payroll; do the accounting and produce reports on the organization’s financial health; and they are the go-to people who tell us how do manage our daily lives at work. Do not make the mistake, however, of viewing these areas as support functions. They frequently drive organizational strategies like talent management and financial management.

Programs in this category:

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Professional in Human Resources (HRCI/PHR/SPHR - aligned)
Fee: $895.00
Program #: SS07094

The Human Resources Certification Institute (HRCI) certification examinations are widely recognized as the industry standard for evaluating human resource professionals’ competencies. HRCI is an affiliate of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and provides testing and certification services. To obtain PHR or SPHR certification, candidates must meet specific HR work experience requirements defined by HRCI and must demonstrate mastery of the HR body of knowledge by passing a certification examination. SkillSoft is an HRCI Approved Provider, #2304, and these certificates are designed to provide a comprehensive foundation of the HR body of knowledge, preparing you for the certification examinations. For more information about the certification exams, please visit

This certificate program is offered through our partner, SkillSoft. They provide comprehensive eLearning content and technology products developed by content experts and educators in cooperation with industry leaders and professional organizations.

Estimated Course Hours: PHR 23 / SPHR 26

Target Audience: Human Resource Professionals, managers, and all individuals preparing for the PHR and SPHR certification examinations of Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI); compensation and benefits analysts, administrators, staffing managers, and recruiters will also have interest in this certifiation path program.

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Recruiting and Retention Strategies
Fee: $199.00
Program #: SS07605

One of the most significant challenges to the growth and survival of any business is finding and retaining qualified employees. This course explores two aspects of recruitment as one component of a sustainable talent management strategy: attracting the talent needed to meet the company’s needs, and using innovative recruiting techniques to find the right people. It also teaches you strategies for employee retention, employee engagement, employee remuneration, composing comprehensive and accurate job description and approaches for designing a workable wellness program.

Estimated Course Hours: 5.5

Target Audience: Existing human resource professionals, managers, directors, executives, and business owners working in medium to large organizations, governmental agencies, or nonprofit organizations.

Continuing Education: This course is approved for 4 HRCI re-certification credits.

Skillsoft is an HRCI approved provider.

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Dealing with Organizational Change
Fee: $149.00
Program #: SS07612

Change can be disruptive. A life change, whether good or bad, can create a period of uncertainty, stress, and anxiety while you adjust. And change at work is no different. A clear understanding of what organizational change is, and what to expect when dealing with it, can shorten the period of adjustment to it. This course provides a basic understanding of what is meant by organizational change and typical events that can trigger organizational change, as well as essential skills for handling organizational change, including a willingness to take risks and having an openness to the unknown. This course also recognizes that organizations that have been successful in coping with change have strong leadership that guides the team through a series of initial steps that set the stage for success. The first steps to change are the most important of all. Bringing employees on board from the outset will smooth the way for productive change that is supported—and even championed—by employees. The change process is never easy. People feel insecure, undervalued, and threatened. It’s the leader’s job to help employees to overcome these feelings. To do this, organizations need to develop committed and flexible teams, and create an atmosphere that allows open and frank discussion about how improvements can continue to be made. Finally, this course covers the importance of recognizing and capitalizing on the career opportunities presented by organizational change, including the importance of a career plan.

Estimated Course Hours: 3

Target Audience : Individuals who wish to develop or refine their skills for dealing with organizational change

Continuing Education : 0.3

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Diversity on the Job
Fee: $149.00
Program #: SS07673

Just as organizations must respond to demographic and social changes that introduce new languages, cultures, values, and attitudes to the workplace, so must individuals. To understand and appreciate diversity, workers must develop an understanding of the ways in which each other views the world.This course identifies strategies to help students become aware of their own attitudes toward diversity; increase acceptance of diverse cultures, people, and ideas; and become an advocate for diversity within the workplace. Without diversity in the workplace, companies run the risk of becoming mono-cultural organizations that see things from a very limited perspective. The effects of this are far-reaching, right down to the company’s bottom line. To instill an appreciation of diversity within a company is a difficult task. It requires changing existing views and practices that until now have defined the workplace. However, diversity isn’t something that needs to be managed. Rather, diversity is an initiative that must permeate the company culture to be truly successful. This course explores the need for a holistic approach to workplace diversity, and the effects of incorporating a work/life initiative into business strategy.

Estimated Course Hours : 3

Target Audience:  Individuals who have an interest in cultivating their understanding of diversity in the workplace

Continuing Education : 0.3

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