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Finance, accounting, and budgeting: the bottom line of any organization. Understanding basics of the three is important to anyone who wants to begin a career in these areas or who aspires to a management role.

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Auditing Essentials
Fee: $149.00
Program #: SS07592

Auditing is used as a tool to evaluate the quality of an organization’s output, including the people, systems, and procedures, as well as financial statements. This course helps you understand what auditing entails. It includes a description of the objectives and benefits of auditing to various parties, as well as the different types of audits that can be conducted by internal or external auditors. It describes the four phases of the general process for auditing and outlines auditing standards. It also teaches you how to assess internal control and risk management processes as part of an audit. This course examines the audit function related to the revenue cycle, specifically the auditing of sales data flow through the systems and processes that capture and record it. The course also describes how the risks related to inventories are identified.

Estimated Course Hours: 5.0

Target Audience: Managers, departmental leaders, prospective auditors, and all individuals interested in or involved in the auditing function in their organization, and those looking for an introduction to the audit function.


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Accounting Fundamentals
Fee: $299.00
Program #: SS07537

The accounting function within an organization sets up and monitors its bookkeeping system, prepares and presents financial statements to management, and interprets them as needed. Managers, decision makers, external stakeholders, and interest groups incorporate accounting data with other information to make meaningful decisions. UT Austin’s online Accounting Fundamentals program introduces you to basic accounting principles, financial statements, the accounting cycle and accrual accounting, accounting transactions and books of account, trial balance and adjusting entries, income statements, balance sheets, cash flow statements, and accounting for organizations’ stock transactions and dividends.

The Accounting Fundamentals online course consists of 9 instructional hours, and awards 0.9 CEU’s.

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Finance and Accounting Essentials for Non-Financial Professionals
Fee: $299.00
Program #: SS07536

Finance and accounting are crucial to any business operation, and knowing about them is crucial to almost everyone’s career development. UT Austin’s online program on Finance and Accounting Essentials for Non-Financial Professionals introduces you to fundamental finance and accounting principles, basics of budgeting, cash flow management essentials, financial statements and their analysis, and how the time value of money affects investment decisions.

Estimated Course Hours : 6.0

Target Audience: Non-financial professionals who wish to gain understanding or refresh their knowledge of finance and accounting

Continuing Education : 0.6

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