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Continuing and Innovative Education, The University of Texas at Austin

Transcriptions - Aaron Peña

Aaron Peña:

What a wonderful event. You parents should be very proud.

Before I have the privilege of recognizing the Creative Award recipient, let me share a few thoughts. Every year I come to this event because, one, I work just down the street at the capital, and two, it’s so inspiring. It reminds us of the struggles of our parents and our grandparents. There’s always one thing that universal in Texas: Every parent wishes for their children to have a better life than their own. There is one thing that cannot be taken from them and that’s a good education. Texas is looking for future leaders and I think we have them here today. Don’t you agree?


Okay, the Creative Award recipient, and I’m going to ask that the parents come forward, if present.

From Donna High School: Hugo Sanchez. Mr. Sanchez is joined by his parents Ramiro and Juana Sanchez. Thank you.
(Award presented.)

We now move on the first top Exemplary Migrant Student. From Johnny G. Economedes High School, Dulce Loera. If her parents are present, Ponciano and Maria Loera, please come forward.
(Award presented.)
Thank you.

Okay for the second top Exemplary Migrant Student, from Eagle Pass High School, Esmerelda Perez. If her parents are present, Jesus and Dora Perez, please come forward.
(Award presented.)

Before I turn the program over, let’s give another round of applause to these scholarship award winners and the Exxon Mobil Foundation for assisting us. I will turn over the program to the coordinator of the Migrant Student Graduation Enhancement Program: Peggy Wimberley.