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Continuing and Innovative Education, The University of Texas at Austin

Transcriptions - Gisela Greco-Llamas

Gisela Greco-Llamas:

Thank you Esmeralda for sharing your wonderful talent with us. Muchas gracias Esmeralda por compartir tu talento con todos nosotros.

I am Gisela Greco-Llamas, Director of the K-16 Education Center, Continuing and Innovative Education, home of the Migrant Student Graduation Enhancement Program.

I would like to give my thanks to the guests, parents, family members, and educators who are here today to help us celebrate our 2011 Exemplary Migrant Students. Muchas gracias por ayudarnos a celebrar este evento junto a nuestros estudiantes.

I am also very grateful to everyone who played a role in planning this ceremony. Thank you for your hard work.

It’s a great pleasure learning of the successes of our migrant students. In each of your exemplary stories, I read about your accomplishments and difficulties, dedication and determination, care for others, and above all, a desire to achieve your dreams. I am convinced that each of you has what it takes to do whatever you set out to do.

To the parents, thank you again for all the support and motivation you have provided to the students to excel. A los padres, gracias de nuevo por el apoyo y la motivacion que le han dado a sushijos y les ha ayudado a triunfar.

Before the conclusion of our ceremony, I would like to invite you to our reception at the back of the room where you will be able to view each of the students’ entries for the Creative Award, including the engineering drafting sketches drawn by the award recipient. We are very proud of each of the student entries.

During our reception, we will also distribute the 2011 Exemplary Migrant Student booklet. This beautiful publication was created by our own Erin Lewellyn. The theme of the publications for this ceremony is papel picado. The original concept of papel picado dates back to the Aztecs. After the Spanish conquest, the art form was introduced to local craftsman and it’s now cultural heritage. Papel picado has an aura of festivity that translates into a message of celebration. This is a very appropriate theme as we celebrate our exemplary migrant students today.

Now, would you all please rise and join us in singing The Eyes of Texas. The words of the song are on the back of your program and also displayed on the screen.

Would the Orange Jackets and Texas Cowboys please come forward to lead this song?

(Orange Jackets and Texas Cowboys walk to stage and sing song.)

Thank you; please now join us for our reception.