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Continuing and Innovative Education, The University of Texas at Austin

Transcriptions - Luz Hinojosa

Luz Hinojosa:

Thank you Dr. Glessner. That was a lovely introduction.

So, the time is here. My staff and I have been working very hard for this day. And we are so excited that our honorees are here.

We are ready to recognize this year’s selected Exemplary Migrant Students. It is exciting to announce that again this year surpassed last year’s record-breaking student nominations. It seems that every year our selection committee faces a bigger challenge deciding on the final recipients of the award. Congratulations on this very competitive award.

At this moment, would the following individuals join me on the stage to help recognize our exemplary students:

• Continuing & Innovative Education Dean Judy Ashcroft , and
• K-16 Education Center Director Ms. Gisela Greco.

Please join me on my right hand.

• From the Migrant Program Education Program at the Texas Education Agency, Ms. Rosie Garza, and
• K-16 Program Administrator, Dr. Amy Pro.

Please join me on the left-hand side to award the student medals.

Exemplary students, as I call your name please come forward to accept your award and pose for photographs.


Honored guests, please join me with your applause in congratulating this inspiring group of students, our future leaders and professionals—our 2011 Exemplary Migrant Students from The University of Texas at Austin. Will the students please stand? (Applause)

We are in good hands for the future. Next in our agenda is the presentation of the college scholarships.

For ten years, the Exxon Mobil Foundation has awarded college scholarships to 27 of our Exemplary Migrant Students. Many of those students have earned college degrees and the remaining recipients are still attending college, some of them at a University of Texas campus, such as Carlissa Garcia, who is finishing her first year here at UT, studying communication disorders.

Today, we continue to fuel student achievement by awarding scholarships to five additional students through a gift from our friends at the Exxon Mobil Foundation.

The first honored scholarship recipient is our 2011 Creative Award winner. For a second year in a row, we invited students to share their creativity and talents. A talent selection committee reviewed six entries—all of them excellent representations of our students’ talents and they are all displayed over on my left hand side.

The following two honorees were third and fourth highest ranked students by the selection committee, which qualifies them as scholarship recipients.

Texas State Representative Aaron Peña for District 40 in Hidalgo County will announce the names of three of the recipients.

Our top two-ranked students, also known as our Students of the Year, will be recognized later in the ceremony.

Please help me welcome Representative Peña.