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Behavioral Interviewing

Human Recourses Certification
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The behavioral-based interviewing process begins with laying a firm foundation for success. Students will learn how to use applications, resumes, phone calls, and references as screening tools, as well as how to develop and prepare behavioral-based questions, and how to evaluate the responses to these types of questions. This course will also prepare students to conduct the interview, including how to ask behavioral-based questions, how to distinguish behavioral response from non-behavioral responses, and discover how to use role plays, structured situational questions, and take-home projects to determine behavior. Students will also learn about the behavioral interview from the other point of view, receiving instruction on how to provide behavioral-based information during the pre-interview phone screening, to be aware of the specific behavior that enhances the actual interview as an interviewee, and tips and strategies for building rapport during the interview, as well as a specific formula for responding to behavioral-based questions.  At the end of this course, students will be ready and able to effectively participate in a behavioral-based interview from both sides of the table.

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