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How do you go about making the best ethical decision possible? Sometimes there are gray areas between what is right and what is wrong. Do you have the tools necessary to ethically lead you in your work practices? When you are able to recognize areas in which ethical problems occur in the workplace and are aware of the various arguments and justifications that become obstacles to ethical behavior, it is easier to successfully apply ethical standards. This course aids you in identifying ethical problems, helps you avoid the obstacles that may tempt you to act improperly, and gives you the tools necessary to guide you toward the right decisions. This course will prepare you to approach your job with an awareness of the importance of ethics in the work setting and an understanding of what constitutes ethical behavior. You will learn the thinking behind ethical behavior and be able to recognize some of the common myths about business ethics. This course is approximately 3 hours.

Estimated Course Hours: 3.0

Target Audience: Individuals at all levels of an organization who should understand the impact of ethical and unethical behavior in the workplace

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