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Business Grammar Basics

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This course refines basic business Grammar skills. It explains that the parts of speech are the building blocks of sentences, so finding out about them can help you skillfully combine words into meaningful sentences. This course explains how to use words correctly, including some key rules on how to spell correctly.
Knowing the rules, as well as the exceptions, when it comes to details like these will make you a more confident writer and leave a good impression on your readers. It also presents the basic rules for using capital letters, abbreviations, and numbers. In addition, you will be introduced to the forms and uses of numbers with dates and time, money, fractions, and symbols. You will review basic sentence construction, including how to develop sentences that are logical, clear, and powerful, the basis of any sound business document.

Estimated Course Hours: 7.0

Target Audience: Anyone who wants to refresh or refine their basic business grammar skills for any kind of business writing, from e mail and memos to reports and presentations.

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