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Business Writing Basics

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People who have no problem communicating clearly when they speak sometimes struggle to make themselves understood when they write. This course describes ways to make your writing more clear. Specifically, it covers the importance of using short, familiar words, appropriate connotations, concrete and specific language, and transitional words and phrases. The course also discusses ways to be more concise and explains some best practices for organizing content logically and appropriately. This course addresses ways to identify your readers and to create messages that convey the appropriate tone for different reader roles. It also outlines how to write effectively for the three most common reasons for writing a business document; to inform, respond, or persuade. This course highlights the importance of editing and proofreading your business documents. It describes some key areas to consider when editing like tone, structure, clarity, and accuracy. You will also explore ways to proofread effectively. In particular, you will find out about some of the most common grammatical, punctuation, and spelling mistakes that people make.

Estimated Course Hours: 3.5

Target Audience: Individuals, at any level in an organization, who want to refresh or refine their basic business writing skills.

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