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Campus life is now behind you, and you are taking the first steps along your career path. The better you can adjust to the new expectations, the smoother and easier these steps will be. This course gives you an understanding of corporate culture so you’ll have a better grasp of the new expectations. It also outlines how to manage your time and responsibilities in this new environment and how to demonstrate initiative. Projecting a professional image is also vital to career success. Knowing how to dress is part of it, but there’s much more. It’[s about respecting yourself, your job, your organization, and your coworkers. Learn how to build good professional relationships and what you can do to foster these relationships. Finally, learn how to project a professional image by your appearance and by following rules or conduct - for example, rules about using cell phones at work or about what you publish on social networking sites, even on your own time! This course is approximately 2 hours.
Target Audience
Post-secondary students, or recent graduates, working in a professional environment for the first time

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