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Communicate with Diplomacy and Tact

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Communicating with diplomacy and tact requires strategy, awareness, and skill. It requires an awareness of your environment and style, and an ability to adapt to different situations. In this course, you’ll see how conversations with different people in different situations can impact how you deliver your message, in terms of respect and sensitivity. By exploring the impact of environment, relationships, and communication style, this course shows you how to recognize the delicacy of different situations. Delivering a difficult message can be one of the most challenging things you do in a professional environment. It can bring anxiety, as you are faced with addressing an uncomfortable issue, and stress at the thought of the conversation’s potential to result in a situation of high emotions. This course explores the skills needed to help you effectively plan and deliver your difficult message. It helps you learn how to develop and frame your message by examining issues such as careful preparation, wording, and delivery. If you deliver your difficult message with diplomacy and tact, you can better manage any negative impact your message might have on you or your audience. This course is approximately 3 hours. 
Target Audience
Individuals who want to improve their communication skills

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