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Strategies and operations, planning and implementing: knowing what you’re going to do (and why), what you’re going to do (and how), doing it, and then measuring what you’ve done. It sounds simple, and yet it is so far from simple. On the other hand, planning and implementing well pays such huge dividends for your organization that it’s worth the time it takes to think before you act.

Competitive Marketing Strategies

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This course describes how to conduct an internal analysis as part of the process of developing competitive marketing strategies. It describes areas to consider when doing a marketing audit, including innovation activities. This course describes a process for developing a competitor intelligence system that enables you to better understand what you re up against and how you can use information about competitors to design your own marketing strategies for maximum effectiveness. This course describes the different types of competitive advantages that can help an organization distinguish itself from the competition. It outlines how to choose the most appropriate competitive marketing approach based on those advantages. It also explains the key components of a competitive marketing plan, and how to approach the implementation of competitive marketing.

Estimated Course Hours: 3.0

Target Audience: : Managers and strategic planners who want to refine their skills for developing and implementing competitive marketing strategies.

Continuing Education: This course is approved for .3 CEUs.

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