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Conflict in the Workplace

Human Recourses Certification
Human Recourses Certification
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What are your thoughts on conflict in the workplace? Do you dread it? Quietly try to avoid it? Or do you rush headlong to meet it with enthusiasm, certain it will bring renewed vigor and badly-needed change to your organization? No matter your answer, this course will provide you with the opportunity to practice skills for coping with conflict and putting it to work for good. Conflict is inevitable in the workplace. Everybody has their own ideas about how things should run. Eventually, these ideas will collide. When they do, you don’t need to be unprepared. Above and beyond all the skills you can possibly learn for coping with conflict, effective communication skills will prove to be the most beneficial. Without open lines of honest communication in the workplace, unspoken and harbored conflicts will boil and fester until productivity grinds to a halt. Knowing how and when to address issues of conflict will help you to cut away destructive behaviors, encourage healthy arguments, and create an environment full of vigor and embracing of change. This course is approximately 10.5 hours.
Target Audience
Anyone who faces, or has to deal with, conflict in the workplace

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