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Developing a Culture of Learning

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Change can be disruptive. A change in your life, whether good or bad, can create a period of uncertainty, stress, and anxiety while you adjust. And change at work is no different. This course provides a basic understanding of what is meant by organizational change and typical events that can trigger organizational change. It also outlines the three specific types of organizational change,  common reactions to organizational change and the stages you can expect to go through when dealing with organizational change. Topics like what conditions are required for such a culture to develop are discussed. This course delves into four key practices that augment and support organizational learning: planning for learning, building knowledge, diffusing knowledge, and applying knowledge in the organization. For each of these practices, the course outlines strategies and guidelines. Finally, This course examines ways in which learning can expand, grow, and continue to be part of an organization’s future..

Estimated Course Hours: 4

Target Audience : Managers and leaders who want to understand how to develop a commitment to learning in their organization

Continuing Education : 0.4

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