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This wide-ranging category comprises skills that help people perform their roles effectively. It includes skills everyone in the organization should have, like time management or working well with customers and co-workers; skills most of us need to develop to some degree or other, like leadership; and some skills that are specific to particular job titles like project manager. Even topics that do not fall under your existing job title may be useful to you and your manager as you focus on career development.

Effective Time Management

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Most of us are too busy to think about how we manage our time.  But doing so could help us use it more effectively – get more done with less stress. Before you can decide how to manage your time better, you need to recognize how you manage your time now. Once you have taken better control of the way in which you manage time, you need to find ways of maintaining this control. An effective use of time also involves managing your environment, managing your use of technology, and managing the time-wasting activities of people around you.Busy people do what is required, and rarely have the opportunity to stop and consider whether they are making the best use of their time. UT Austin’s online Effective Time Management program shows you a variety of methods and tools to develop better time management habits. This online course is designed for anyone in business who would like to have more time to do things that they really need or want to do.

Estimated Course Hours: 3.0

Target Audience: Individuals who want to develop or refresh their time management skills

Continuing Education : 3.0
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