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This wide-ranging category comprises skills that help people perform their roles effectively. It includes skills everyone in the organization should have, like time management or working well with customers and co-workers; skills most of us need to develop to some degree or other, like leadership; and some skills that are specific to particular job titles like project manager. Even topics that do not fall under your existing job title may be useful to you and your manager as you focus on career development.

Generating Creative and Innovative Ideas

Human Recourses Certification
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Program #: SS02676

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Today’s problems cannot be solved with yesterday’s solutions. Budget and personnel constraints make it necessary to solve issues with creativity and innovation. If hearing the words “be creative” makes you freeze and causes any ideas you had to immediately leave your head, this program can help get you on track to discovering your creative side. You will explore the attributes of a creative person, discover ways to overcome the barriers to creativity, and learn how to maximize team creativity. Once your creative ideas are flowing, you need to assess the ideas based on organizational needs, strategies, and resources. A variety of techniques used to verify and building on creative ideas are covered in the program.

Estimated Course Hours : 3

Target Audience :   Any individual who wants to be more creative and innovative at work


Continuing Education : 0.3

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