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This wide-ranging category comprises skills that help people perform their roles effectively. It includes skills everyone in the organization should have, like time management or working well with customers and co-workers; skills most of us need to develop to some degree or other, like leadership; and some skills that are specific to particular job titles like project manager. Even topics that do not fall under your existing job title may be useful to you and your manager as you focus on career development.

Getting Results without Direct Authority

Human Recourses Certification
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Many of us serve on teams at work or must ensure that a group completes a task or project. Although we’re not leaders or managers, we’re still expected to get results. The people whose help we need the most may have no desire to help, or if they do, they may lack the time. In either case, winning allies, partnering successfully, and creating change require unique strategies when you are not the one who is in control. Influencing and persuading others requires careful planning. This program demonstrates how you can do this. It’s all about influence, building relationships, and credibility. The program explores how to assertive communication, utilizing leadership behaviors, recruiting allies, and pushing for change. In this course, students will also learn how to get results from your boss in a number of situations despite your lack of authority.

Estimated Course Hours: 4.0

Target Audience: Anyone who wants to develop or refine their skills for getting results when they don t have direct authority over the people responsible for doing the work

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