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Nothing is more critical to organizational success than acquiring and keeping customers and colleagues, all of which require clear communication and strong customer skills. Effective professionals need to be adept in a variety of verbal, nonverbal, and written skills. They also need to develop interpersonal skills that will enable them to cope with conflict and difficult coworkers and customers. It's important to build rapport with customers using a variety of skills, including listening, vocal cueing, and problem solving. In addition, management must foster a culture that focuses on eliciting and satisfying external and internal customer needs.

Sales Negotiations

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Program #: SS07706

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Effective sales negotiation skills are essential for any successful sales professional. This course provides direction on how to use a strategic negotiation process to strike effective, long lasting, and profitable sales agreements with your customers.  This course provides detailed instructions on how to use concessions to achieve agreement during a sales negotiation. This course provides instruction on the following barriers to agreement: deadlock situations, a customer who doesn’t trust you, and negotiation tactics designed to force your price down. It also covers strategies for overcoming each of these barriers, and it provides an opportunity to practice the strategies in a realistic simulation.

Estimated Course Hours: 3.0

Target Audience: Sales professionals who want to develop or refine their sales negotiation skills

Continuing Education : 0.3
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