Identity & Access Management Committee


Mar 14, 2016
IAM Roadmap updated for Spring 2016.

Oct 26, 2015
IAM Roadmap updated for Fall 2015.

Mar 12, 2015
IAM Roadmap updated for Spring 2015.


The Identity and Access Management Committee (IAM Committee) is charged with overseeing campus IAM technologies and infrastructure as well as IAM-related projects and initiatives. The committee is also charged with championing IAM-related best practices and guidelines for the campus community.

The IAM Committee reports to the Architecture and Infrastructure Committee (AIC). The committee also receives input and oversight from the University Executive Compliance Committee and the Information Security Office.

The IAM Committee will work closely with the IAM Program Team to identify common needs across campus for IAM services, maintain a set of guiding technology principles for central IAM infrastructure, and advise on the evolution and advancement of enterprise IAM services. The committee will participate in technology and tool selection, project and sustainment activity prioritization, and the implementation of best practices, standards, guidelines, procedures and policies for the following:

  • Identity Administration, Provisioning, and Analytics

  • Group & Role Management

  • Authentication (including federated authentication with third-party service providers)

  • Authorization

  • Directory Services

  • Identification Cards and Photographs

  • Emerging IAM technologies as requested by the AIC

Committee Members

Chair: Ty Lehman

Identity & Access Management Committee Members
Name Position & Organization

Thomas Beard

Cockrell School of Engineering

Cam Beasley

Information Security Office

CW Belcher

ITS Applications

Michael Bos

Committee Co-Chair, UT Athletics

Bill Bova

ITS Systems

John Chambers

Department of Computer Science

Graham Chapman

University Operations

Tim Fackler

College of Liberal Arts

Cesar de la Garza

Development Office

Fred Gilmore

University Libraries

Alison Lee

ITS Networking

Ty Lehman

Committee Chair, Jackson School of Geosciences

Andy Loomis

Office of the Registrar

Darin Mattke

Information Quest

Shelley Powers

Payroll Services

Steve Rung

Office of Admissions

Charles Soto

College of Communications

Karen Weisbrodt

Financial Information Systems

Tiffany Yanagawa

Internal Audits (ex officio)


Dell Medical School

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