Web Technologies and Infrastructure Subcommittee


The Web Technologies and Infrastructure (WTI) Subcommittee oversees central Web technologies and infrastructure as well as provides best practices and guidelines for the campus community. The WTI Subcommittee reports to the Architectural and Infrastructure Committee (AIC).

The WTI Subcommittee is charged with identifying and describing common needs across campus for Web publishing, hosting and technical support; developing and maintaining a set of guiding technology principles for the central Web hosting infrastructure; and advising on the strategic assessment to drive the evolution and advancement of enterprise-scale Web technologies and hosting services. The WTI Subcommittee will work closely with the leadership of University Communications and its steering groups that oversee digital content and design, which rely on the underlying technologies and infrastructure.

The WTI Subcommittee will participate in technology and tool selections; infrastructure project prioritization and oversight; and best practices, standards, guidelines, procedures and policies implementations for the following:

  • Central Web hosting infrastructure and technologies, including www.utexas.edu, uts.cc.utexas.edu, Windows Web Publishing, SharePoint, University Blogs and University Wikis

  • Web technologies and tools, such as databases, languages, content management systems (CMS), wikis, analytics, accessibility scanning, mobile publishing platforms, authentication, search engines and rich and social media tools

  • Central Web applications, such as Directory, Search and Maps

  • Emerging technologies as requested by AIC

Committee Members

Chair: Adam Norwood

Web Technologies & Infrastructure Committee Members
Name Position & Organization

Michael Caldwell

Assistant Director of Admissions, Office of Admissions

Pei Chen

Director, ITS Systems

Jenn Coast

ITS Applications Technical Rep

Cesar De La Garza

Director of Development, Development Office

Ladd Hanson

Head of Library Systems, University Libraries

Mike Horn

University Communications, Digital Content Group

Joe Howe

Assistant Director for Information Technology, Cockrell School of Engineering

Khaled Jaber

Assistant Director, Systems, College of Communication

Neal Gibson

Information Technology Manager, University Operations

Paul Grotevant

IT Manager and Web Programmer, Undergraduate Studies

Adam Norwood

Sr Software Developer/Analyst, School of Law

Steve Preiss

Sr Software Developer/Analyst, Office of the Dean of Students

Ross Strader

Director of Educational Technology, Center for Teaching and Learning

Julienne VanDerZiel

Director, ITS Applications

Kamran Ziai

Director, College of Pharmacy

Rich Zoch

ITS Systems Technical Rep


Information Security Office (invited as needed)

Meeting Information

First Thursday of every month
10:00-11:00 a.m., FAC 326T

Current Projects

Completed Projects