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    Links > Archives

    Mesoweb www.mesoweb.com
    Precolumbian Art Research Institute site. Focuses particularly on the site of Palenque and contains several image banks and databases, including Merle Greene Robertson's rubbings of inscriptions, as well as original scholarly and popular articles, glyph-by-glyph photos of inscriptions, timelines, etc.

    FAMSI www.famsi.org
    Foundation for the Advancement of Mesoamerican Studies, Inc. site. Many vast and unique image banks and databases, including Justin Kerr's rollout photographs of Maya vases and the drawing archives of Linda Schele and John Montgomery. Also includes an Introduction to Maya Hieroglyphs, an exhaustive Mesoamerican bibliography, and original research articles, as well as links to many other Precolumbian websites.

    Links > Museum sites

    Dumbarton Oaks www.doaks.org/Pre-Columbian.html
    Includes an easy-to-navigate tour of an outstanding collection of Precolumbian art.

    The Metropolitan Museum of Art - Arts of Africa, Oceania, and the Americas www.metmuseum.org/collections/department.asp?dep=5
    Part of an extensive, well-designed museum site that features good images of highlights from the collection.

    Mexico City's Museum of Anthropology http://sunsite.dcaa.unam.mx/antropol/
    Spanish version features a history of the museum and a clickable map of the galleries, with a paragraph about each culture (ethnographic or archaeological) and a few images from each room's collection.

    Links > Online Journals

    National Geographic www.nationalgeographic.com
    National Geographic's site contains a powerful search engine that can locate articles on any of their subjects.

    Archaeology Online www.archaeology.org/cgi-bin/site.pl?page=online/archive/samerica
    Archaeology Magazine's site includes an index for their online articles dealing with the Americas, including recent reports on excavations at Copán and Teotihuacan.

    Arqueología Mexicana www.arqueomex.com.mx
    Still under construction as of August 2001, but includes abstracts of recent articles.

    Links > Learned Society, University, and Excavation Sites

    The Maya Meetings at the University of Texas at Austin http://www.utexas.edu/research/chaaac/conferences_and_meetings.html
    The home page of the University of Texas at Austin's annual Maya Meetings. This meeting annually draws hundreds of participants from around the world for ten days of discussion and discovery of Maya hieroglyphic writing. Also featured during the meeting is a conference whose themes encompass many areas and ancient cultures of Mesoamerica and Native America.

    Teotihuacan, Mexico http://archaeology.la.asu.edu/teo/
    Arizona State University's Professor Saburo Sugiyama provides an introduction to the site of Teotihuacan and links to many professional resources and articles.

    The Mayan Epigraphic Database Project http://jefferson.village.virginia.edu/med/home.html
    This University of Virginia site contains a database of Maya hieroglyphs.

    Ceren Web Resource http://ceren.colorado.edu/
    Professor Payson Sheets' report of his excavations at the site of El Ceren, El Salvador.

    The Institute for Mesoamerican Studies : http://www.albany.edu/ims/
    Educational site from the State University of New York, Albany, for students and amateurs. Includes photo archives of their Belize Postclassic project & Mesoamerican languages research program descriptions.

    Hieroglyphs and History at Copán http://www.peabody.harvard.edu/Copan
    Part of the larger Peabody Museum site, it contains a recent article by Dr. David Stuart on the dynasty of Copán.

    Cotsen Institute of Archaeology at UCLA http://www.sscnet.ucla.edu/ioa/
    Educational site featuring UCLA Archaeology faculty and projects; includes description of Dr. Richard Leventhal's excavations at Xunantunich.

    Brigham Young University Mesoamerica Home Pages http://fhss.byu.edu/anthro/webpages/homepages/mesoamerica.html
    Site includes information about excavations at the sites of Piedras Negras and El Mirador, and provides a link to the New World Archaeological Foundation http://fhss.byu.edu/anthro/nwaf/index.html

    Links > Bibliographical Resources

    Precolumbian Culture Links http://lonedeer.com/precol.html#inc
    Comprehensive bibliography of web links.

    La Conquista de América · Die Eroberung Amerikas
    This site contains many original texts, in Spanish with German abstracts, from Cristóbal Colón, Hernán Cortés, Fray Bartolomé de las Casas, Bernal Díaz del Castillo, and others.

    Ancientmexico.com http://www.ancientmexico.com/
    This site features maps, a timeline, a short introduction to the Maya pantheon, and texts by Hernán Cortés and Bernal Díaz del Castillo.

    GB Online http://pages.prodigy.com/GBonline/mesowelc.html
    This site provides an overview of Precolumbian codices and annotated links to other sites.

    Links > Travel Pictures / Image Collections

    Mesoamerican Photo Archives http://StudentWeb.tulane.edu/~dhixson/
    Produced by Tulane University student David R. Hixson, this site contains information and photos drawn from the field of Mesoamerican archaeology.

    Maya Ruins http://mayaruins.com/
    This site contains photos from Maya sites and focuses on the regions of southern Yucatan and northern Guatemala, including the site of Calakmul.

    Links > Miscellaneous

    Virtual Palenque http://www.virtualpalenque.com/
    Dr. Thomas Guderjan provides views of the site of Palenque from about a dozen vantage points.

    EDGEWALKER: A Conversation with Linda Schele http://www.xoc.net/schele/
    A filmed interview with the late Dr. Linda Schele of The University of Texas at Austin.