William J. Battle Collection of Plaster Casts

The William J. Battle Collection of Plaster Casts replicates some of the finest examples of Greek and Roman sculpture and architectural elements, the originals of which date from the sixth century B.C. to the third century A.D.
The casts were purchased with funds from the University's Department of Classical Languages between 1894 and 1923 at the behest of the late Dr. Battle, a longtime classics professor, who served as president ad interim from 1914 to 1916. The majority of the works were cast in the late 19th century by August Gerber in Cologne, Germany, and the Caproni Brothers in Boston.
In the late 1970's, after more than twenty-five years in storage, the collection underwent extensive restoration made possible with discretionary funds provided by the President's Associates. The collection is of wide-ranging use at the University in the study of classics, architecture, life drawing, history and art history; and, is often included in tours given to hundreds of grade school students as well.
The William J. Battle Collection of Plaster Casts is considered one of the most representative collections of casts of Greek and Roman sculpture in the United States and is thought to be in the best state of preservation of any such collection.

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Blanton Museum of Art 
March 17, 1998