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I teach undergraduate courses on topics such as "Music in Indonesia" and graduate seminars at an advanced level of study that cover topics such as "Music and Globalization," "Music and Technology" or "The Anthropology of Sound." From time to time I also offer directed readings on the Frankfurt School, Michel Foucault or postmodern theory. For syllabi and materials used in these courses click on the links below.





MUS 385J Music and Popular Culture in South Africa [Course materials]

MUS 385J Music and Globalization

MUS 385J Music and Postmodernism

MUS 385J Listening [Course materials]

MUS 385J Voice



 undergraduate courses



MUS 342 Music in Indonesia - Java, Bali, and Sumatra

MUS 342 Music of South Africa



 directed readings


MUS 394 Frankfurt School

MUS 394 Walter Benjamin

MUS 394 Michel Foucault


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