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While teaching at the University of Natal I was given an opportunity in the summer of 1982 to travel to Lesotho to record music and perhaps explore the possibilities for a larger research project. Lesotho is a small country that is surrounded on all sides by the Republic of South Africa. It has a rich history, but in modern times its destinies have been largely determined by the fact that the vast majority of its population lives and works in South Africa. The performance traditions of Lesotho are diverse and unlike those of South Africa until the 1980s had remained underappreciated. My fieldtrip to Lesotho took place under the auspices of Radio Lesotho and I was accompanied by Dira Bereng, one of Lesotho's most respected broadcasters and accomplished reciters of lithoko praise poetry. Although brief, the trip yielded an enormous amount of recordings, all of which are now housed in the archives of Radio Lesotho, Maseru. Click on one of the pictures below to view video clips taken during the trip.


veit erlmann