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I have published seven monographs, three edited collections, some 30 articles, and four LPs/CDs. Below are links to some of these publications. For all full list of publications click here.





Die Macht des Wortes. Preisgesang und Berufsmusiker bei den Fulbe des Diamaré (Nordkamerun). Munich: Renner, 1978   download the book (vol.1)         (vol.2)


African Stars. Studies in Black South African Performance.
Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1991



Nightsong. Performance, Power and Practice in South Africa.
Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1996


Music, Modernity and the Global Imagination. South Africa and the West.
New York: Oxford University Press, 1999




(ed.) Hearing Cultures. Essays on Sound, Listening, and Modernity.
New York: Berg Publishers, 2004



 articles (selection)



The Past is Far and the Future is Far: Power and Performance among Zulu Migrant Workers, American Ethnologist 19/4, 1992                                           download the article...

Resisting Sameness – A propos Kofi Agawu’s “Representing African Music,” Music Theory Spectrum 26/2, 2004                                                                   download the article...

„Africa Civilized, Africa Uncivilized“ - Local Culture, World System and South African Music, Journal of Southern African Studies 22/2, 1994     download the article...





Music of the Cameroon. The Fulani of the North. Lyrichord LLST 7334 (out of print)

Listen to a track (Mallum Gazawa: Kulee le cekee)



Mbube Roots. Zulu Choral Music from South Africa, 1930s-1960s.
Rounder CD 5025

Listen to a track (Durban Crocodiles: Akasangibhaleli)


Zulu Worker Choirs.
Heritage HT CD 43
Listen to a track (Durban High Stars: Lapha eSandlwana)

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