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Over the course of the past thirty years I have done fieldwork in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Some of these projects turned out to be relatively minor ones, such as a fieldtrip to the Riobamba area in Ecuador in 1988, a study of labor migration in the Ghanaian gold mines in 1989 (undertaken jointly with anthropologist Carola Lentz), or several trips to countries such as Kenya, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Below are links to four major research projects - and a selection of photographs, videos, fieldnotes, or sound recordings - of the 1970s and 1980s.

More recently my research has taken a completely different direction, covering topics such as the cultural history of the ear and music and Sufism in Sumatra, Indonesia.



cameroon 1975-1976  |  niger 1979  |  lesotho 1982  |   south africa 1981-1987 | cultural history of the ear

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