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As the popularity of Gothics grew in the second half of the nineteenth century, a variation on the mono-line Gothic was developed: a sanserif style with higher stroke contrast. The style gained popularity after the late 1860s, and more elaborate designs were developed over the rest of the century.

The first modulated style of Gothic produced as wood type was shown by Wells & Webb in their 1840 Specimen of Plain and Ornamental Wood Type, and was named Gothic Italian. This design was unique to wood type and only produced by Wells & Webb, until Hamilton Mfg. Co. produced a type with similar characteristics in 1889, named Gothic Bold. William Page would produce a number of designs, the first of which was listed in 1865, and all wood type manufacturers showed a number of variations of the modulated style in specimen books after 1875.
Gothic Bold
Modified Gothic XX Condensed
No 508
No 510
No 512
Gothic Tuscan No 5 Reversed
No 51
No 124
No 142
No 142
No 624
No 624 (Slanted small caps)
No 514
No 506
No 500
No 500
Corinthian No 2
Gothic Modulated
cap A is missing from collection