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Is a professor allowed to reschedule a class at a different time other than the normal class time?

According to the Handbook of Operating Procedures and Policy Memoranda, Original Policy Memoranda # 3.203, it states:

... Equally important is the faculty member's obligation to meet his scheduled classes, making effective educational use of the class time available. The faculty member should make a reasonable effort to avoid unscheduled dismissal of any classes. If he finds it necessary to reschedule any classes, he should endeavor to hold these classes at times convenient for the students and give appropriate notice to the students. He should not allow any such rescheduling to reduce the effectiveness of the course.

So, the professor can reschedule their classes, but should make an effort to hold the class at a convenient time for students and notify them in a timely manner of the new time.  If you would like to read the Memoranda in its entirety, you can access it at: http://www.utexas.edu/policies/hoppm/pm3203.html

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