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What does In Residence mean?

To graduate with a degree in Liberal Arts, you must fulfill several residency requirements."In residence" refers to coursework completed in a UT classroom. This does not include credit earned at another institution, through correspondence, by examination, or through University Extension.

Please note the requirements below:You must complete 18 hours of the major and 6 hours of the minor in residence. Of the last 30 hours you must complete in order to graduate, 24 must be taken in residence. (You may not take a course at another institution during the semester in which you plan to graduate.)

Depending on your catalog assignment, you must complete a specified number of hours in residence. Beginning with the 04-06 catalog through current catalogs, a student is required to have a minimum of 60 hrs in residence.

For more information about catalog assignment, please refer to the question, "How do I choose the correct catalog". You must complete 36 upper-division hours, 18 of which must be in residence.

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