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How do I choose the correct catalog?

To receive a bachelor\'s degree, a student must fulfill all the degree requirements in a catalog under which he or she is eligible to graduate. The student must complete degree requirements within a specified time period. A student may graduate under the catalog covering any academic year in which he or she was enrolled at the University*. Whichever catalog the student chooses, all degree requirements must be completed within six years of the end of the two year period covered by the catalog. Here are the current active catalogs:
                                    04-06 (expires Summer 2012)
                                    06-08 (expires Summer 2014)
                                    08-10 (expires Summer 2016)
                                    10-12 (expires Summer 2018)
                                    12-14 (expires Summer 2020)

*A student who transfers to the University from an accredited public Texas college has the same catalog choices that he or she would have had if the dates of attendance at the University had been the same as the dates of attendance at the other institution. (General Information Bulletin 2005-2006, pg.23)

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